We travel around Mzansi and sample some of the best cuisine for your feedback. However, please feel free to also give your feedback on venues you frequent and love hanging around.

Yogiberry’s is a small restaurant. If you want to eat some delicious Indian cuisine,this might be the place for you!

Yogiberry’s (gourds)

Chaf Pozi is a great place for you to talk, eat and drink. There’s a variety of food and entertainment just waiting for you.

Chaf Pozi

Neighbourgoods is a place combining Indian, African, Jamaican, etc. dishes. There’s many more to eat!


Oppistasie is situated at Cullinan Railway Station.You could go gaga for the food!

Oppistasie (gourds)

Now this is a place where you could hang out with your friends. Just sit down, relax and have a beer.

Clarens Brewery


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